Services Offered


I have experience conducting parent workshops and organizational workshops. There is a lot of flexibility in the design of the workshops I offer based on parent needs or organizational needs. Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can design a workshop to meet your needs. Some common workshop topics are neurological development, stress and the brain, attachment in infancy and adulthood, behavioral changes while strengthening connection with children, meeting the needs of transracially adopted children, etc….

Home Programs

Occasionally, the parents and I determine that a home program would be most beneficial. Home programs take a great deal of time; therefore, I only have two home programs in my schedule at any one time. Typically, home programs last between 6 months and 1 year. Usually, they start with 3 visits the first week and then we gradually move to one visit every week or every other week. After the first week, home visits are usually two hours in length.
Home programs are a big commitment for families, and parents are asked to go above and beyond what would be asked from an office relationship.

Office Consults

Most of my clients are seen in my office. These sessions often require high parent participation, and the parent must remain on-site for the entire session. Sessions are 45 minutes long. I encourage parents to find childcare for other children in the family if they are not old enough to sit alone and unsupervised.

Home Visits

Sometimes, clients who typically come into the office for coaching are continuously encountering the same challenging situation (such as homework time or bedtime) at home without progressing towards their goal. In these situations, I often visit the home during that challenging situation. This helps me understand the dynamics of the problem and gives Mom and Dad on- site coaching. Home visits are 2 hours long.

Skype Consults

Although my preference is to see clients in person, I do offer skype services for those who don’t live within driving distance. This service is also available for clients who usually come into the office, but may be traveling. Skype fees are the same as office fees.