Listening Program Testimonial

We began using the listening program for my son because he lacked the ability to pay attention in school and really lacked control over himself - no boundaries.  After 6 weeks, we began to see changes in his abilities and self control.  He is now a calmer, more focused child.  He is paying attention in school and is able to function for a much longer period of time in the classroom without becoming a distraction.  It is definitely helping him and improving his vocabulary and reasoning skills.  We are really thankful for the difference it's making for our son!  

If you ever have the opportunity to sit under Dr. Melody Aguayo's  teaching do it!  You will learn about yourself and be better equipped to serve those around you.  As a preschool teacher and  grandmother what Dr. Aguayo taught about the brain and trauma helps me to be more compassionate.  Having some more tools to use as needs arise and being aware of other resources is a blessing of the training.  I hope you will take the time to learn and grow.

Dr. Melody Aguayo has literally been a God-send to our family. Our daughter Sarah is 7 and has suffered from complex developmental trauma since her infancy. We welcomed Sarah into our family through the miracle of adoption when she was just 16 months old. Sarah struggles with rage, debilitating anxiety, multiple sensory processing issues as well as an attachment disorder. As a family we have taken great steps towards healing and recovery thanks to the investment of Dr. Aguayo. "Miss Melody," as Sarah calls her, is brilliant and kind. She represents a wealth of research and clinical study but she puts the content on a down to earth level that anyone can access.  Most importantly, Melody has always helped us see our daughter's preciousness and has empowered us to be the parents we've always wanted to be. Sarah feels safe with Melody and we trust her advice implicitly...you will too.

Father to 7 year old daughter

We were privileged to have Dr. Melody Aguayo facilitate several psychoeducational trainings for our house parents. Dr. Aguayo related the concepts of Trust Based Relational Intervention to our house parents and staff with clarity and in a way that it was well received. Her impact on our campus with our children has been undeniable. She has been a catalyst in changing the way we relate to the children and some of the behaviors they are displaying. We have also had the opportunity to have some of our children see her for individual consulting as well. We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the consulting services that she has offered to our students. We have also had the opportunity to partner with her to help bring Camp Nurture to Middle Tennessee, a camp for children who have been adopted and are struggling with connecting and attaching with their parents. Her experiences, knowledge, and being a life long learner made her invaluable to Camp Nurture. I am excited to continue to work with Dr. Aguayo. On a personal note, Dr. Aguayo would be the first person I would turn to for help as an adoptive parent.

Reese Greenman, LMSW Social Worker - Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home

Our family was really struggling when someone referred us to Dr. Aguayo. With 4 small adopted children with multiple special needs, we felt like we were drowning. We were weary of therapies, theories, labels and diagnosis and were desperate for practical, hands on ideas and tools for helping to bringing healing to our family. That is exactly what Dr. Aguayo offered. Her personal experience, her compassionate and gentle approach and her wisdom and training offered us the help and the hope that we so desperately needed.

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